1. No info is logged by us on our computers. We obtain authorization in the person and we just do it throughout the work, and then it’s eliminated, although the single situation is whether a technical problem appears.

2. We have been in the procedure for transferring legal powers at present apart from Sydney as we have been uncertain what our existing government intends to do when it comes to to our solitude. We never have decided where yet.

3. Just SMTP port 25 is blocked to offset junk, but we have been taking care of some software to allow it to be more easy for customers to deliver email.

4. As we don’t have any logs to do something any request is dismissed.

5. Sam-e as previously, as we tend not to record, thus we’re not able to supply any advice. In the event the legislation tries to create us do things that are such, we are going to transfer our company into a place where that can-not happen, and if this fails we may close-up shop before we supply any advice.

6. All methods are enabled using the sole exclusion of SMTP port 25 becoming blocked, with our support.

7. At present we only take PayPal and CC (prepared by, but we have been considering alternate forms of obligations. We go out of our strategy to ensure that pay pal trades aren’t associated with the users, we create a a unique key per-transaction nuke that special important, then to confirm payment for the accounts is created. Litecoin and Bitcoin will also be in the program.

8. At current we provide 256-bit for OpenVPN and 128-bit for PPTP, We want to provide stronger security for the security-conscious.


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